Monday, May 5, 2008

Almost back...and a little something to infuriate you

Well my computer was not happy with the move, and is refusing to run properly, freezing up anytime I open a major program. Not that I can complain. After six years of clogging the thing up with internet porn and illegal music downloads, I'd say it has served me about as well as it could.

Anyway, my new iBook is on its way, so once it gets here I should be back online full time...and boy, is there a doozie of a faith/medicine/prayer/parental rights story developing in my neck of the woods (Milwaukee, WI).

The short of it is that an 11-year-old girl died of treatable diabetes symptoms because her parents believed soley in the power of prayer and refused to take her to a doctor. The parents are now being charged with second-degree reckless homicide, and are appealing to a Wisconsin statute that protects parents from abuse or neglect charges, "because he or she provides a child with treatment by spiritual means through prayer alone for healing." This has not been extended to homicide charges, but that's what the parents and their attorneys are going for.

Read about it in more detail here, and let me know what you think. For all I know, this could have broken into the atheosphere already. If not, it needs to. It probably is going to set the precedent for future cases involving faith and medicine, at least in Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

The story has hit the atheosphere, but it's always good to get another take on things.

I believe strongly in the principle of religious freedom, and yet...the sick girl didn't have any freedom at all. I don't want government interfering in the lives of families, and yet...society has interests in the lives of children too.

This case is going to open up a whole lot of tough questions and it's going to be very emotional. I just hope reason doesn't get drowned out completely by the emotions.

Johnny said...

I'm all for praying that someone gets better and all that jazz, but c'mon people. It's diabetes! People live with this disease everyday!

I remember this popping up 10 or so years ago with another girl who was sick and her family wouldn't seek medical attention.

Also, I want to say I remember a boy falling and getting hurt, and the parents not seeking medical attention because it was God's will. Someone needs to teach these people about the use and abuse of God's will.

I just detest people like this, as it gives religon a bad name, hell it's giving faith a bad name. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Faith is a good thing, organized religon can be a very, very terrible thing.

Cerus said...

The role of government is to make sure that everyone's rights are protected. The parents's right to use their method of treatment should not be a defense once that right infringes on the rights of the child.
It will be an interesting case to follow.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where to start.I guess I'll start where I was a 15 year old being abused by a church member.I turned my back on the church and all that was associated with it.I didn't believe that a God would allow that to happen.After years of being p#ssed off I have become a believer again and my attitude has changed.I am not one of those holy rollers that say if you don't believe then you should be banished,I pray for all people that someday they will have a life-altering experience like I have and accept God.If you don't believe that is YOUR right.I just wish we could all be friends.

proswet654 said...